This Week in the Civil War: July 9-15

Posted: July 10, 2017 in This Week in the Civil War

July 13, 1861 – Union forces under General George B. McClellan defeat General Robert S. Garnett’s Confederate troops in a battle at Carrickford, Virginia. This victory provides the Union Army with a base of operations to embark on more raids in Virginia.

July 11, 1862 – General Henry Halleck is appointed by President Lincoln to be general-in-chief of the Union Army.

July 13, 1863 – New York City is overcome by riots as a result of resentment and anger caused by the enforcement of the first draft. Over 50,000 people set fires, loot businesses, and attack and kill other civilians (mostly African-Americans). These riots continue for 4 days until Union troops from Gettysburg are called in to subdue the violent mobs.

July 9, 1864 – Confederate forces under General Jubal Early continue their progression toward Washington D.C. Tension rises in the capital as the enemy forces draw closer.



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