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“Though the defense of African slavery (thus it is commonly called) is left to the South, the North are jointly benefited by it. Deduct from their trade and manufacturers all which is dependent upon the products of slave labor, their prosperity would fade.”


Jefferson Davis

(Photo Credit: Library of Congress)


“Go back! Go back! Do your duty as I’ve done mine. I’d rather die than be whipped!”


J.E.B. Stuart

(Photo Credit: Library of Congress)

“Don’t flinch boys! They’re shooting at me, not at you!”


Philip Kearny

(Credit: Library of Congress)

“In glades they meet skull after skull

Where pine cones lay-the rusted gun,

Green shoes full of bones, the mouldering coat

And cuddled up skeleton;

And scores of such. Some start as in dreams,

And comrades lost bemoan;

By the edge of those wilds Stonewall had charged-

But the year and the Man were gone.”

~Herman Melville (The Armies of the Wilderness)


(Photo Credit: Library of Congress)

“Better a generation should die on the battlefield, that their children may grow up in liberty and justice.”           ~Harriet Beecher Stowe


Harriet Beecher Stowe

(Photo Credit: Library of Congress)