On this day in the Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg reaches a climax with Pickett’s Charge led by Confederate General George Pickett. Before sending the infantry, the Confederate artillery began an incessant firing with almost 150 cannons, the largest Southern bombardment of the war. For almost two hours the artillery of both sides, around 300 guns, caused such a loud roar that the sound could be heard from as far away as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After the cannons ceased firing, Confederate General George Pickett’s Virginians and other Confederate divisions, 12,500 men in all, began the assault of the Federal line. Facing this Confederate charge was Federal General Winfield Scott Hancock and the center of the Union line, protected by a stone wall.

The Confederates were repulsed with heavy losses, thus ending the battle with a Union victory. The battle resulted in 53,000 casualties, or an astounding 31% of the troops involved in the battle.

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