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On this day in the Civil War, a copy of Lee’s Special Orders No. 191 is found at an abandoned Confederate campsite, near Frederick, Maryland. This order gives General McClellan the positions of Lee’s entire army. A jubilant McClellan exclaims, “Here is a paper with which if I cannot whip Bobbie Lee, I will be willing to go home.”

Frederick, Maryland

On this day in the Civil War, Union General George McClellan continues to request more troops from President Abraham Lincoln, to join the Army of the Potomac. Throughout General McClellan’s Civil War career, he significantly overestimates the size of the Confederate Army and demands additional troops.

After the Antietam campaign,  President Lincoln confides to a friend that he “had tried long enough to bore with an auger too dull to take hold. He (McClellan) has got the slows.”


General George McClellan

(Photo Credit: National Archives)