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On this day in the Civil War, Federal troops entrench at Spotsylvania. Confederate snipers harass the Federals as the entrenchments are being built. Union General John Sedgwick attempts to calm his men, saying: “Don’t duck, they couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance!”  A few moments later, a Rebel bullet strikes the general under his left eye and kills him. The shot is fired by a Confederate marksman from nearly half a mile away.


General John Sedgwick

(Photo Credit: Library of Congress)

On this day in the Civil War, after the bloody battle of the Wilderness, Federal General U.S. Grant plans to flank the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. The Confederate army is led by General Robert E. Lee.

In conferring with one of his officers, General Lee states: “General Grant is not going to retreat. He will move his army to Spotsylvania…I am so sure of his next move that I have already made arrangements to march by the shortest practicable route, so that we may meet him there.”

Lee 2

General Robert E. Lee

(Photo Credit: Library of Congress)